Council of Somaliwecare

A non-profit organization to promote social equity and unity for the Somali community in Alberta.

Our Mission

Community Care

Our goal

Our mission is to enhance the social wellbeing of the Somali community
and Canadians at large, with ultimate goals and achievements of building healthy and a vibrant
community that whose members can successfully settle and effectively integrate into the Canadian mainstream.

How Does It Work

Our Objectives


To Promote Cultural Heritage

To develop understanding, friendship and social interaction between the Somalis and other communities in Alberta and rest of Canada.



To promote Community Civic Education Awareness and Knowing your Rights. As well as Human Rights and countering hatred, crime, Racism and discrimination.


Charity Work

To coordinate and encourage the participation of the Somali community in the Humanitarians and Charity works.



To help and facilitate the integration of newly arriving Somalis into the society by providing guidance, counselling, and to assist them find their needs


Assistance to Seniors

To help Refuge seniors, Newcomer Seniors and Immigrant seniors


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Ramadan Welcome Event

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