A Few Words

About Us

Social Unity

Uniting the community

Our Vision – is based on building to promote cohesiveness, collaboration, integrity and trust
among the Community / Society for Social Justice & Unity..

Somaliwecare motto
Creating a pathway

Building Bridges, Cutting Barriers

Our Mission – is Community Care , to enhance the social wellbeing of the Somali community
and Canadians at large, with ultimate goals and achievements of building healthy and a vibrant
community that whose members can successfully settle and effectively integrate into the
Canadian mainstream.

Our Focus

Our Focus is to provide services and support for the Somali Community here in Alberta. We engage by building bridges, providing support, and  giving information to community members in need.  If you would like to engage or support the community, feel free to give us a call or email and we will respond back to you. We also engage in charity work,  so we appreciate any donations sent our way. Our long term goal is to provide social equity and integration for the Somali community and all marginalized groups in Canada.